Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Children's Televison WorkSTOP!

I have always been a fan of Sesame Street. It was always funny and educational and entertaining. Lately though, the street has had quite the makeover. I have a bone to pick with the street that is Sesame.

Point One: When did Elmo take over? He is like a furry red dictator of reading. I picture him in a back room water boarding Big Bird (whom he usurped as leader of Sesame) until he picks the Letter of the Day. The entire last half hour is composed of "Elmo's World". This hellish crayon drawn world is both annoying and irritating. Which makes it - of course - Oliver's favorite segment. And um, Elmo, that "special song" you sing every day about a different thing, yea, its still Jingle Bells.

Point Two: I guess sometime in the 1990s, a few bored housewives got together and decided that Cookie Monster was pushing sugar on their kids (Toddler "White" - Wink Chad!) So they started pushing the veggies. However, I really do think they are going about it the wrong way. Now, they have singing, dancing and personable vegetables dancing around to rap songs. I may be wrong, but I don't think making food a friend is the greatest way to go about getting kids to want to eat them. No one wants to eat food with a face. Cookies have no face, they are simply delish.

Point Three: Remember how it used to be? Celebrities would show up and sing a song and then kiss the puppet and move on? Well, apparently PBS has become the Red Light District for publicity whores. I am talking to you Sugarland!! They have showed up on not only Sesame Street but also twanged their way onto Yo Gabba Gabba. I can not get away from their fake ass accents and horrible singing.

Luckily though, they are still doing really funny song revisions, which dates back to "Letter B" by the Beetles.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

So, we were lucky enough to be able to go take pictures with baby chicks for Easter a week ago! The baby chicks were purchased for the photo shoot and then sent to a free range chicken farm. Oliver was so cute with them, he picked them up and tried to pet them - them suckers are fast!!

I leave you with some chick pics for Easter Day!! While you are hunting eggs, eating chocolate and talking about the Easter bunny, and then somehow justifying all of that with the crucifiction of a religious leader, take a break and look at some cute baby pictures!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oliver: Plumber

Yesterday I made what I believe to be the biggest mistake of my parenting career. I did dishes. I know, it seems innocuous and pretty typical for a stay at home mom. Well, first, let me share that I believe that dishes are a man's job. Second, dishes are something that should never be done when a baby is awake. You turn your back to find a brillo pad, and the kid is running at top speeds with a butcher knife in his hands, and you don't even remember USING said knife!

So, yesterday afternoon, as CT was on his way home from work, I decide that since I stayed on the couch pretty much all day in a vicodin coma trying to pretend that the cramps didn't hurt anymore, I should hurry and pick up as much as I could before he got home. Pain is no excuse for a dirty house afterall, ladies!! So, as I am quickly shoving half rinsed dishes into the washer (you're welcome CT!) I hear a scary sound from the bathroom.

It was a tinkle, like a beer bottle being drug against something, and then a CRASH! followed by a huge SPLASH! It was only then did I remember we had a case of homebrew (relax, have a homebrew!) in the pantry, where the baby was playing. Following the crash, Oliver books it out of the half bathroom directly across the hall from the pantry. He is running as fast as his legs can carry him into the dining room.

I am sure we have lost a beer or two, and I am not happy about cleaning it up. Here is what I found when I peered into the bathroom.

The beer, was unscathed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Website!

I needed a project since my last project decided to come a little later than expected. So, some friends and I created this new parenting forum. We got tired of feeling like outsiders in our other frequented forum, probably because we were told we WERE outsiders on a regular basis.

So, if you are looking for a community who is a little more enlightened than twoweekwait.com and a little less intense than mothering.com, look no further!!

Btw, I am not saying ALL moms are bad on twoweekwait, but far be it for me to name names. Lets just say you know who you are.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiptoe through the Bluebonnets!!

Since the beginning of time, Texans have been traipsing their kids out on the side of busy highways, in the middle of private gardens and driving to BFE to find that perfect patch of bluebonnets. Do other states do this? I mean, do people in Indiana take photos in the Peonies? Do people in Massachusetts even KNOW what a Trailing-Arbutus IS much less know to search out this "flower" for a photo op!? I doubt it highly. Personally, I blame Lady Bird Johnson for this borderline obsession we all go through every March.

So anyway, I made my way down to Mexico (aka my friend Summer's house in south Austin) to seek out the best bluebonnet patch in town. It happened to be in the yard of a loony bin - okay fine, the neuro-rehab center - but it was well worth it. We must have looked like crazy people, we had two 10 month olds and a 14 month old all romping around these beautiful flowers. My son went out of his way to crush all of the flowers under heel. Summer's son, Caden made lunch out of a few choice 'bonnets, which I am pretty sure is illegal.

Anyway, aside from some heinous ant bites that I rightly received for stepping in a bed, it all went really well! Here are some pictures of my little man!