Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Life With The Tummy Yucks

After driving for three hours from Dallas this weekend, (had a blasty blast while there though!!) the baby started puking and didn't stop until nothing was coming out. Good news, she slept through the night - bad news, it was because she hadn't the energy to wake up. The rest of our night and much of today has been spent with her either sleeping or throwing up, us changing Oliver's pants because he keeps having "poop accidents" and lots and lots of laundry. And yet, I still found my inner domestic goddess in time to make homemade four cheese panchetta macaroni and cheese and a nutritious dinner - heck, I may even make cookies because that is what I do when my kids are sick, I make yummy things they can't eat. HAHA! More for me suckahs! Not really, its just my way of overcompensating for letting them get sick in the first place, cause you know, us moms are supposed to be able to control things like germs.

Since the later part of this weekend has sorta been a bust, and I am so not wanting to fold the twenty plus loads of laundry that are lurking in my hallway and since I am also delaying picking up the house so that my cleaning ladies can do a thurough cleaning tomorrow, wondering how I am going to find time to study and take my test this week, worrying about our road trip on Thursday and I am also kicking myself for not telling CT to pick up a bottle of wine while he was out today (I am so awesome I even multitask procrastination!) I thought I would list all the things I AM grateful for as a bit of a pick me up.

1. I am not Charlie Sheen
2. Neither is CT
3. CT is actually really enjoying reading "Room" with me and asked that I wait to listen to the rest for our road trip
4. My new dog is very sweet and loves my kiddos
5. That macaroni and cheese was Paula Dean worthy
6. I own my own washer and dryer
7. My sister is coming to visit for my brother/daughter's birthdays in a week!!!!
8. In a few short days I will have been married for 6 years
9. The "Music is Awesome" Yo Gabba Gabba CD is available for me to check out from the library just in time for our road trip
10. Road trip to Alabama happening in mere days!!
11. I am so spoiled I whine about things like cleaning ladies
12. All my books I had ordered from Paperback swap came in today