Monday, January 25, 2010

Filling an Extension

Apparently I only have 58 days until my due date. I shoved a calendar up my ying yang so that the baby can see when that is, cause otherwise it might just come whenever it damn well pleases and that is just not okay to all of my church people, facebook friends, relatives, shoe salesmen, cleaning crews and grocery checkout people who must know the date of the "big day". Seriously, some guy asked me when the big day was and I just told him that I would let him know as soon as the baby decided to come out.

58 days is not enough time. When I think it could be less (Oliver was born at 39 weeks) it sends me into a panicked frenzy. This frenzy usually culminates in me doing the following things.

1. Making crock pot meals for an entire week.
2. Asking CT when the bathroom tile is going to be done, or even started.
3. Start researching diaper bags and double strollers before realizing we have no money for either and giving up again.

So here we are, knock knock knocking at 32 weeks pregnant! My sciatica is once again under control and not causing me to sob uncontrollably in front of my son (seriously, if I had the option two weeks ago, I would have scheduled CT's vasectomy) and with the exception of getting next to no sleep at night, things are looking up! The morning sickness has been replaced with the acute feeling that this baby is trying to crawl its way out of my body through the sun roof and the disconcerting thought that it must be part puma with claws like that.

I have plenty to keep me busy until my final days as a single child mom. Bradley classes (which are going awesome except for the fact my teacher is a kook) every Wednesday until March, trying to finish up my Leader App for La Leche League by the time the baby comes earthside, planning Jessalyn's wedding shower (oh and also what in the world I am going to say during the ceremony when I marry them), I have my own "Belly Blessing" the last weekend of February, followed by a get away to the family farm in March that still needs to planned. Maternity pictures, home renovations, cooking enough for me not to have to worry, playdates, etc. etc. etc. I am a busy woman, no wonder the second pregnancy goes by so fast!

So, obviously, I can't do it all. This baby is just gonna have to wait until May. Yes, May seems like a good time to do this whole labor/delivery thing. Does anyone know if I file my extension with the IRS or is that a whole other department??


I have just been informed that I haven't written a blog in a month. It may have something to do with the fact that I have been either extremely busy or in extreme pain (yes, I know, life could get worse) alternatively for the past month. That is on top of the fact that my sweet precious baby boy son has decided that sleep is optional at best.

Speaking of the kid, he turned two last week!! On the 18th of January, my baby became a bigger baby and without much fanfare, just a pizza party, two cakes, a theme park (of sorts), a big party with what seemed like 436 toddlers, more gifts than we have room for and only a couple of ponies. Oliver now has a complex about presents, he believes all wrapped items are now "mine". What do you expect when Christmas happens two weeks before two separate parties for your second birthday? Also, I wonder if this is some kind of trend. Maybe next year we will have THREE parties!!

Almost everyone that Oliver loves was in attendance at one of the two parties. His dearest Auntie Britt and Uncle B were in Scotland but sent a "super" gift of a Super Oliver Cape!!! While it took a few tries, Oliver just had to have it on for his birthday with his friends and proceeded to run around the house in it. She skyped in for the event and actually WAS in attendance around the same time Oliver was born on the 18th. It meant a lot for that to happen. And, Oliver's grandparents in Dallas couldn't make the party for personal reasons but sent Oliver's very first remote control car. I proceeded to accidently run over his toes with it, causing somewhat of an RC complex in my son. He will never be able to go to Radio Shack thanks to me. We missed all who weren't there, and enjoyed all of our friends who made it!

Here are some photos if you happen to be one that couldn't make it!

Daddy helping Ollie with his birthday Balloon at Kiddie (Toucher) Acres
It is hard to take a picture of people on a carousel, but we pulled it off!
Oliver's pony.

Our neighbor Gean, with just an hour to prep, made these cookies for Ollie. SO sweet. Michael got him a train, Oliver loves it!
He is seeming to say, not enough presents...but there were. People are amazingly generous!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!

I would feel left out if I was the only blogger in the entire blogsphere who didn't have a post on New Year's Day talking about what I have learned as a mom in 2009 and what I hope to accomplish in 2010. So I guess, here it is.

Things I have learned:
-Babies will sleep through the night as soon as you give up trying to make them sleep through the night
-They will also stop sleeping through the night as soon as you brag about it
-Baby mirrors were not made so the driver can see the child, they were made so the child can practice making faces
-If you are worried about your child's development, make a bunch of appointments to evaluate him, all the problems will resolve themselves as soon as the people arrive
-Every boy needs a dog
-...and a cat
-Helping in the kitchen means dinner will be 20-30 minutes late
-Helping in the garage means you will find a hammer in a flower pot two weeks later
-Foreskin is extremely stretchy
-If you want to know what proud guilt feels like, read a parenting book
-Pregnancy and diapers do not go together, but neither do pregnancy and potty training
-When given the choice between green pants and blue pants, a toddler will choose no pants
-There are at least 34 different meanings to the sentence "mama ball"

What I hope to accomplish:
-Take the breastfeeding counselor course
-Become a LLL leader
-Birth my newest child in the comfort of my own home
-Finally be able to hear my son's thoughts on life
-Be present and active in my children's lives
-Be active in our new community garden
-Immerse myself in this wonderful thing that is being a wife and mother
-Learn to knit in the round or on circular needles (what? a girl has hobbies!)
-Deepen my friendships, strengthen my marriage and soften my words
-Do lots and lots of things with my kids that are blog worthy!

And as a grand finale, Oliver says good-bye and hello.