Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ramona is My Best

Today in the car, coming back from our "Parents of Young Children" Chalice circle, the topic of friends came up. Well, actually, it was the fact that I stupidly (we don't say stupid!) said bouncy house rather than spelled it. This is how it went down.

Me: I think we are gonna go to the bounce-
Oliver: BOUNCY CASTLE!!!!!!!
Me: Dang.
Oliver: When we going??
Me: Tomorrow.
Oliver: Who else is coming?
Me: Carolyn and Cora
Oliver: Maybe 'Mona?
Me: Maybe, but I don't think so.
Oliver: Maybe Caden?
Me: No, not Caden.
Oliver: But maybe 'Mona! Mona is my best.
Me: She's your best friend?
Oliver: Yes.
Me: Why?
Oliver: Cause I like her.
Me: Why do you like her?
Oliver: Because I wuz (love) her.
Me: Why do you love her?
Oliver: Because she give me hugs and kisses. Only 'Mona, cause she my best.

Ah young love!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back To School Again...and again...and again

How anyone with children is able to work from home is beyond me, because I can barely even read a page without interruption. During a 30 minute video I had to pause it 10 times. These are the things that happened:

Henley fell off the bed
Henley got shoulder deep in a toilet
Oliver's show skipped
Oliver wanted a snack
Henley stole Oliver's snack
Oliver wanted another snack
I forgot my phone in my car
I wanted water
Henley fell off the bed again (she knows how to go up the steps to get to the bed, but doesn't realize that the bed has no lip on it.)
The laundry needs to be changed out

So, therefore, a 30 minute episode took me an hour and a half to watch. Yea, I should be totally prepared for that test I am taking tonight.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sickies

Oliver, Henley and myself have been sick with what I can only assume will be the thing that will kill the entire population of Austin. Pneumonia, snot coming out of every orifice and a general malaise. I don't really want to talk about how crappy we all feel, so instead I will just post a video and hope it suffices.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texas Tornado and a Winter Wonderland

My daughter is officially everywhere. She is like a tiny, blond octopus who is hell bent on insuring that my living room floor never sees the light of day. I have no idea what about the toilet holds her attention and captures her imagination, or why all of the toilet paper must be on the floor, all the books must be off the shelf and all of the DVDs out of their boxes and scattered about. Not only is she a tiny whirlwind of energy, but she is learning to argue and throw fits. At 10.5 months. Not fair!! Or, if you ask my mom, payback. We actually had our first mother/daughter argument today. I told her "no! no!" and she looked at me, nodded her head and turned back to what she was doing. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from running away from home screaming.

In other news, we got a fair amount of snow this week. Enough so that very silly snowmen were popping up around the neighborhood and Oliver got beaned by a snowball. It was fun to watch the kids sled down their driveways and see all the animal tracks. However, Oliver wasn't too impressed with the sheer coldness of it, and begged to go inside about 10 minutes into it. Luckily, it only lasted another 14 hours before melting away (or evaporating - CT thinks snow evaporates instead of melting). I have no clue how people do it in foreign lands such as Minnesota or Illinois. Months of this stuff?? I was going insane after a week of being locked in the house with two snotty, coughing, and chilly children. One thing I have learned, I am NOT a stay at home mom. Even though I do not work, I am out almost every day at the library, park, running errands, play dating or going to museums. I have no clue how people actually stay home with their kids all day every day. This is not to say I don't love being a mom, I love my kids. I just love them more when they and I are stimulated by outside activities.