Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Crap I feel like blogging...

I couldn't possibly catch you up on all of the stuff that the kids have been doing lately, but the biggest news is that Henley is walking(ish) now. She still prefers to crawl, well, actually she prefers to sit in the middle of the floor screaming shrilly until I pick her up, but if I am pooping or otherwise disposed she will crawl. She only walks if both her hands are busy with something else, usually an Iphone.

Oliver tries my patience every. single. day. I am trying to be more understanding and more consistent, but he is going through the threes and that just isn't a whole lot of fun for anyone. He is doing great at school, his teachers and classmates love him - when he isn't pulling their hair - and he is being promoted to Pre-K next fall! I am so amazed at his humor and manners with strangers, he is a joy to experience and I am lucky I get to spend every day with him. As I say this he is mercifully with his father because while most times he is a joy, the hours after his nap to when he closes his eyes are nothing short of pure hellish torture. And as anyone can tell you, I think torture is wrong.

I am working on expanding my repitoire of cool stuff for kids to do when I don't want to deal with them, and in that line, I am starting to make sensory boxes for the two kids. Something I don't have to put together but once and then they are ready to go whenever Henley or Oliver are antsy. The biggest problem is that set up takes so long as does clean up, that they are bored by the time I sit down to let them work on the craft or whatever. It becomes increasingly easy to just plunk them in front of the TV instead.

We just got back from a trip to Portland, OR to see some of my favorite people on the planet; my sister, brother in law, his sister and their dog Brew. We had a blast, and I will post pictures as soon as I find both cameras and have a second to download all of them.

I am in school this summer in a Child Development class, still online. I have three more classes after this to finish my pre-requisites for the IBCLC exam. I am currently making an A (just got a 96 on my first test!!).

I guess what I am saying is, I am back to the blogging world. I am not able to get online as much as I would like, so the support group of Facebook and my parenting website isn't the huge presence it was at one time of my life, and I can't take the rejection and guilt when I post something minor about my kid because it is concerning or confusing me, but no one responds because I haven't been able to post a sad face or "virtual hugs" about their situation. It feels like I have lost all my friends, all at once. Of course, this isn't really true, but I miss them anyway!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Life With The Tummy Yucks

After driving for three hours from Dallas this weekend, (had a blasty blast while there though!!) the baby started puking and didn't stop until nothing was coming out. Good news, she slept through the night - bad news, it was because she hadn't the energy to wake up. The rest of our night and much of today has been spent with her either sleeping or throwing up, us changing Oliver's pants because he keeps having "poop accidents" and lots and lots of laundry. And yet, I still found my inner domestic goddess in time to make homemade four cheese panchetta macaroni and cheese and a nutritious dinner - heck, I may even make cookies because that is what I do when my kids are sick, I make yummy things they can't eat. HAHA! More for me suckahs! Not really, its just my way of overcompensating for letting them get sick in the first place, cause you know, us moms are supposed to be able to control things like germs.

Since the later part of this weekend has sorta been a bust, and I am so not wanting to fold the twenty plus loads of laundry that are lurking in my hallway and since I am also delaying picking up the house so that my cleaning ladies can do a thurough cleaning tomorrow, wondering how I am going to find time to study and take my test this week, worrying about our road trip on Thursday and I am also kicking myself for not telling CT to pick up a bottle of wine while he was out today (I am so awesome I even multitask procrastination!) I thought I would list all the things I AM grateful for as a bit of a pick me up.

1. I am not Charlie Sheen
2. Neither is CT
3. CT is actually really enjoying reading "Room" with me and asked that I wait to listen to the rest for our road trip
4. My new dog is very sweet and loves my kiddos
5. That macaroni and cheese was Paula Dean worthy
6. I own my own washer and dryer
7. My sister is coming to visit for my brother/daughter's birthdays in a week!!!!
8. In a few short days I will have been married for 6 years
9. The "Music is Awesome" Yo Gabba Gabba CD is available for me to check out from the library just in time for our road trip
10. Road trip to Alabama happening in mere days!!
11. I am so spoiled I whine about things like cleaning ladies
12. All my books I had ordered from Paperback swap came in today

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ramona is My Best

Today in the car, coming back from our "Parents of Young Children" Chalice circle, the topic of friends came up. Well, actually, it was the fact that I stupidly (we don't say stupid!) said bouncy house rather than spelled it. This is how it went down.

Me: I think we are gonna go to the bounce-
Oliver: BOUNCY CASTLE!!!!!!!
Me: Dang.
Oliver: When we going??
Me: Tomorrow.
Oliver: Who else is coming?
Me: Carolyn and Cora
Oliver: Maybe 'Mona?
Me: Maybe, but I don't think so.
Oliver: Maybe Caden?
Me: No, not Caden.
Oliver: But maybe 'Mona! Mona is my best.
Me: She's your best friend?
Oliver: Yes.
Me: Why?
Oliver: Cause I like her.
Me: Why do you like her?
Oliver: Because I wuz (love) her.
Me: Why do you love her?
Oliver: Because she give me hugs and kisses. Only 'Mona, cause she my best.

Ah young love!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back To School Again...and again...and again

How anyone with children is able to work from home is beyond me, because I can barely even read a page without interruption. During a 30 minute video I had to pause it 10 times. These are the things that happened:

Henley fell off the bed
Henley got shoulder deep in a toilet
Oliver's show skipped
Oliver wanted a snack
Henley stole Oliver's snack
Oliver wanted another snack
I forgot my phone in my car
I wanted water
Henley fell off the bed again (she knows how to go up the steps to get to the bed, but doesn't realize that the bed has no lip on it.)
The laundry needs to be changed out

So, therefore, a 30 minute episode took me an hour and a half to watch. Yea, I should be totally prepared for that test I am taking tonight.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sickies

Oliver, Henley and myself have been sick with what I can only assume will be the thing that will kill the entire population of Austin. Pneumonia, snot coming out of every orifice and a general malaise. I don't really want to talk about how crappy we all feel, so instead I will just post a video and hope it suffices.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texas Tornado and a Winter Wonderland

My daughter is officially everywhere. She is like a tiny, blond octopus who is hell bent on insuring that my living room floor never sees the light of day. I have no idea what about the toilet holds her attention and captures her imagination, or why all of the toilet paper must be on the floor, all the books must be off the shelf and all of the DVDs out of their boxes and scattered about. Not only is she a tiny whirlwind of energy, but she is learning to argue and throw fits. At 10.5 months. Not fair!! Or, if you ask my mom, payback. We actually had our first mother/daughter argument today. I told her "no! no!" and she looked at me, nodded her head and turned back to what she was doing. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from running away from home screaming.

In other news, we got a fair amount of snow this week. Enough so that very silly snowmen were popping up around the neighborhood and Oliver got beaned by a snowball. It was fun to watch the kids sled down their driveways and see all the animal tracks. However, Oliver wasn't too impressed with the sheer coldness of it, and begged to go inside about 10 minutes into it. Luckily, it only lasted another 14 hours before melting away (or evaporating - CT thinks snow evaporates instead of melting). I have no clue how people do it in foreign lands such as Minnesota or Illinois. Months of this stuff?? I was going insane after a week of being locked in the house with two snotty, coughing, and chilly children. One thing I have learned, I am NOT a stay at home mom. Even though I do not work, I am out almost every day at the library, park, running errands, play dating or going to museums. I have no clue how people actually stay home with their kids all day every day. This is not to say I don't love being a mom, I love my kids. I just love them more when they and I are stimulated by outside activities.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ode to My Daughter

H is for your Hair. I love the way your hair curls ever so slightly when it is damp, it is even better when it is damp with sweat of a long nap and your cheeks are rosy and your eyes are bright. I run my hands through it and make your curls stand up and I imagine what you will look like when you are two, or entering Kindergarten, or yelling at me about your jerk boyfriend, or on your wedding day. Will it stay this blond? Will I know what to do with curly hair?

E is for Eating. You are not even a year old and a foodie already! There is not a food you won't try, and even if you dislike it at first you keep trying it. You eat as much as your three year old brother some days, and I never want to discourage your love of food. I never want you to see food as an enemy, or a friend. I hope you always retain your thirst for new flavors, textures and cultures as you grow and never deprive yourself of sustenance to fit in a mold.

N is for nursing. I love the way you enjoy nursing all of a sudden, just around the time I thought you were done forever. The way you bury your head into my chest and look up at me pleadingly, breaks my heart and makes me kiss your soft neck. I love that you will nurse in public for the first time since you were a newborn. Costco, the park, the movies, church, even during a 5K, it makes no difference to you as long as you are close to your mommy and have a tummy full of milk.

L is for your special language. Your words, though still jibberish is like sweet songs in my ears. Hearing you shriek and pout and babble and growl is wonderful, exciting and fulfilling. I never had a baby respond to my voice, to music and to reading the way you do - and it pleases me because you are the sort of daughter I always knew I wanted.

E is for your energy. You dance at all music (but prefer Big Band and "booty shaking" music) and clap your hands and shake your body. I love to watch you dance and laugh at your brother who is dancing with you. You also sing every time a tune catches your fancy. I can't wait to dry your hair and hear you humming along like I used to when I was a little girl.

Y is for Youth. You will never again be this little, and because every day that you grow older and bigger I must remember to savor your babyhood. One day I will be your mama, then your mommy, then your mom and some day you may even call me mother (right before I spank you for the first time). Our relationship will not always be this close, but my love for you will never waiver.

J is for jammies. I absolutely love you in your pajamas. When you are sweet smelling from your bath and softly rubbing your tired eyes against my shoulder and kicking your little feet in your feeties. I snuggle you down in our blankets, and kiss your eyelids and quietly sing to you as you nurse your way to dreamland. Some mornings I forget to get you dressed because I want for you to always be in that state of halfway between waking and sleeping.

A is for attention. You pay attention to everything around you, and everyone in your world. You hold people's faces close and study them as if to memorize them for next time you meet. Unlike most babies, toys hold your concentration and you learn to play easily, you play with toys far outside your age range and seem to know exactly what you are doing. No wonder you get so angry when your brother takes them away from you!

N is for nature, which you love. You are not so much a fan of the sun, but that is probably okay given your skin tone. But give you a pile of mud, a sandbox, some rocks, a few twigs and leaves and a big old puddle and you will play and splash and try to eat until your heart's content. Outside is one of your favorite places to be, to feel the world under your hands must make you feel so small and big at the same time. Like you are the first baby in history to see that particular leaf and the way the wind blows it from your hand by an unseen giant.

E is for Embrace. Every morning when you wake, you hug me so hard that it makes me happy to see another morning. I never knew a baby who hugged this early. Even though you slept right next to me all night, it is as if we had parted for months! I love that you miss me even though I was always right there, and love me no matter what. I love your hugs, never stop!